Servolt Elektrik started its business life in 1993 with production of servo controlled regulators and transformers, and reached to a level with a team and equipment that has the capability of producing regulators in any power (from 1 kVA to 800 kVA) and with any property (Servo Controlled Regulator & Static Regulator and Regulator with Micro Processor), and established a fast service network. Along with the regulators and transformers, our company added the following products to its portfolio: UPS, UPS for Shutter, Full Maintenance-Free Accumulator, UPS for Central Heating Boiler, Regulator and Mobile Generator for Central Heating Boiler. Our company continues to serve the businesses with Servolt Elektrik assurance, sustainability, and product service understanding. Servolt Elektrik keeps customer satisfaction as top priority and applies appropriate solutions to the businesses and guarantees customer satisfaction by combining these applications with its interest and quality. Servolt Elektrik, expands its permanent and wide customer portfolio and new customer recruiting policy by combining it with brand new technology and its experiences. Servolt Elektrik continues to be side by side with its customers via providing demanded technical support or products with its current wide product portfolio and service network without giving any promises from its quality and service understanding for 23 years
Servolt Elektrik A.Ş. adopted quality as a way of life, accepted honesty and thrust as the most important value, and it settled in a good position among reputable companies in the sector with its management system that leans on to “respect to human” philosophy and perfect service policy that it adopts since its establishment.
Managing values in the “best” way, by satisfying the demands of our customers with sustainable quality, with our corporate organization that takes creating value as basis, our customer centric working strategy, and our competitive growth potential.
To be a company that serves the right product at the right time with the right price, provides perfect service, provides unconditional customer satisfaction, respects human and environment, continuously invests to its employees, has a high global value, and has a sustainable growth rate.
As Servolt Enerji Sanayii ve Dış Tic. A.Ş., we aim to gain the thrust of our customers, shareholders, and employees and achieve a sustainable development by acting with our Integrated Management System that we have established in order to execute our activities according to our principles and values by complying with the legal obligations. In order to achieve this, we give commitment for the followings; • Expand the Management System to all of our activities by continuous improvement and management with goals. • Satisfying the customer centric expectations. • Executing a management system that complies with the national and international regulations and laws in our activity field. • Managing the continuity of Occupational Health and Safety via precautions. • By responding to emergencies providing business continuity. • Not applying unfair competitive practices and protecting our ethic values. • Eliminating dangers at their sources with the support of our employees. • Protecting the environment by identifying the environmental impact and analyzing it. • Increasing recycling rate by decreasing waste and collecting them at their sources, and using natural resources and energy efficiently. • Executing the obligations of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards and enabling sustainable development by all of our employees, shareholders, and customers via adopting transparent policies. General Manager